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4 Senior Care Tips for Avoiding Dehydration July 5, 2017

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4 Senior Care Tips for Avoiding Dehydration, Atmore, Alabama

While summer is a great time to enjoy the sun and get outdoors, it is also the season with the most medical emergencies for the elderly due to heat stroke and dehydration. This is why senior care professionals take the appropriate steps during the warmest months of the year to ensure their clients are adequately hydrated. Follow the tips below to help your elderly loved ones avoid dehydration this summer. 

Senior Care: 4 Tips to Avoid Dehydration 

1. Aim for 5 Glasses a Day  

senior careAccording to caregivers, most seniors prefer drinking several small glasses of water instead of a few large ones. Aim to serve your loved one five glasses of water a day in an 8 oz. cup. Although everyone’s body is different, dehydrated seniors who drink less than 40 oz. of water per day are at an increased risk of developing a variety of health ailments, including coronary heart disease. 

2. Keep a Variety of Beverages Nearby 

Some elderly people may avoid drinking water because they do not like how it tastes or want something more flavorful to accompany their meal. To help encourage hydration, keep their favorite juice or milk close by. Coffee, protein drinks, and alcohol act as diuretics, so it is important seniors who consume these beverages also have adequate water intake. 

3. Sneak Hydration Into Tasty Foods 

Elderly people who prefer not to drink water can keep hydrated with the help of moisture-rich fruits and vegetables. Offer them watermelon, pineapple, celery, and iceberg lettuce during the summer months to please their taste buds, cool them off, and maintain their water intake. Oranges, raspberries, and green peppers are additional delicious options. 

4. Know the Signs of Dehydration

Every caregiver should know the signs of dehydration, which include dizziness, fatigue, increased thirst, dark urine, cramping, dry skin, dry nose, headaches, and dry mouth. If you notice these symptoms, call a doctor or 911 right away. Remember, you can avoid illness due to dehydration by following the tips above. 


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