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3 Key Ways Your Property Would Benefit From a Retaining Wall June 16, 2017

Honolulu, Oahu
3 Key Ways Your Property Would Benefit From a Retaining Wall, Honolulu, Hawaii

Creating your dream landscape requires foresight, detailed planning, and artful design. As the experts at Rugged Slopes Hawaii in Honolulu, HI, understand, custom stone and retaining walls can beautifully enhance home exteriors. Specializing in exceptional concrete and tile work for residences and businesses — including stone structures, pathways, and concrete driveways — this locally-owned masonry company serves all the communities of Oahu.

Engaging over 25 years of experience, Rugged Slopes Hawaii attends to every project, both big and small, with unbeatable dedication and enthusiasm. Here, the professionals explain how a retaining wall can enrich your property with the following advantages:

  • Prevents Run-Off: During heavy rainstorms, excessive runoff can weaken soil and cause sliding in areas that slope towards your home. A retaining wall prevents dirt and debris from cascading down onto your manicured landscape by working as a buffer. Retaining walls also reduce soil erosion for homes that have little or no trees.retaining wall
  • Increases Usable Space: Practically speaking, retaining walls transform sloped sections of dead backyard space into flat areas that can be designated for planting flowers, installing garden lights, or appointing decorations. This translates into extra outdoor space for you to admire and enjoy.
  • Incorporates Aesthetic Beauty: Thoughtfully constructed of beautiful stone in an artful pattern, a well-placed retaining wall will lend distinct elegance and charm to any backyard space. Homeowners also have the option to choose multiple layers, adding dimension and even more character. Simply put, the design options are endless.

Picturesque and pleasing, retaining walls deliver much-needed function and usefulness to a property. To explore how a retaining wall will tastefully complement your landscape, look no further than the concrete specialists at Rugged Slopes Hawaii. In addition to superior masonry work, the fully bonded and insured team offers a full range of excavation services, including trench digging, land clearing, and grading. Call (808) 722-4918 for a free estimate, or go online to learn more.

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