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5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes June 16, 2017

NoMad, Manhattan
5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Athletes, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re a varsity-level athlete or training for a marathon, constant physical activity will impact your body — and the results aren’t always beneficial. Fortunately, physical therapy can help you move toward your fitness goals while reducing the effect your training has on your muscles, joints, and other systems. Offering a wide variety of proven physiotherapy techniques in New York, NY, MVMT Physical Therapy explains some of the major benefits their treatments can provide athletes.

5 Unique Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

1. Maximizes Mobility

Physical therapists understand the complexities of the muscular system and how stretching can benefit it. If you’re an athlete, these professionals can help you master stretching practices to reduce stress to your muscles while increasing your range of motion. You’ll find yourself jumping higher, bending more easily, and running further.

2. Power Performance

When you work with a physical therapist, you can show them examples of your form during exercise. Through observation, these specialists can pinpoint your areas of weakness and determine solutions to correct them. As a result, you may find you have more efficient movements, greater strength and power, and enhanced coordination.

3. Prevent Injury

When a physical therapist identifies your areas of weakness, they can detect the spots where you’re most likely to injure. With that knowledge, your specialist can teach you to move in ways that reduce impact to those weak areas of the body.

4. Bust Stress  

physical therapyMost forms of exercise are great stress-busters, but physiotherapy can be especially beneficial since certain techniques — such as massage therapy — can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When this system is activated, you experience not only a drop in stress levels, but also an uptick in dopamine and serotonin. These mind-boosting compounds are shown to help athletes achieve clarity and improve focus.

5. Sports Injury Recovery

While all athletes must heal properly after they experience an injury, physical therapy can help individuals speed up recovery without the need for debilitating surgery and medications. If you’re injured, your therapist can show you ways to reduce pain through movement and increase blood flow to promote healing. They may also teach you techniques to safely build muscle so you don’t have to lose strength while rehabilitating.

Understanding the unique needs and goals of every client, MVMT Physical Therapy is an exceptional resource for Manhattan athletes who want to improve their game and reduce downtime. Visit them online to learn more about their physical therapy clinic or call (646) 430-5717 to schedule an appointment with an expert specialist.

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