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How REI is Helping Improve Gender Equality June 8, 2017

Fenway - Kenmore - Audubon Circle - Longwood, Boston
How REI is Helping Improve Gender Equality, Boston, Massachusetts

While women have gained significant rights throughout the years, it’s no secret that equality can still sometimes be an issue. That’s why the popular outdoor equipment store REI has recently launched a Force of Nature campaign, which is geared at empowering women in the great outdoors.

Force of Nature Explained

REI has created this movement to help better achieve gender equality. To do this, they have scheduled 1,000 events, outings and classes for women (and women only) to participate in this summer as they learn more about outdoor sporting options. These gatherings range from novice to expert, so don’t worry ladies if you’re new to the outdoor scene. 

Join in on the Action!

From Women’s Intro to Hiking to Women’s Overnight Backpacking, there’s sure to be something for everyone. You can see a full detailed schedule of events online or visit your local REI outdoor equipment store to learn more. By participating in this campaign, you could help break down barriers and level the playing field between men and women. 

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