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Drug Abuse: 4 Ways to Determine Whether You Have a Problem July 3, 2017

Elyria, Lorain
Drug Abuse: 4 Ways to Determine Whether You Have a Problem, Elyria, Ohio

From emotional trauma to chronic pain, many factors contribute to drug abuse. If you think you have a dependency issue, the professionals at Psych & Psych Services know there are several common signs and behaviors to look for when determining if you have a problem.

Based in Elyria, OH, the facility’s Chemical Dependency Counselors help people navigate the road to recovery to improve their overall well-being. Below, the team shares four ways to tell whether drugs are having a negative impact on your life:

  • Physical Discomfort: Over time, many medications and illicit drugs can alter your physiology. If you have a drug dependency, you might experience physical discomfort when the substance isn’t in your system. Common symptoms include nausea, headaches, and skin irritation. In many cases, people increase drug usage to stave off these effects. 
  • Impaired Judgement: Have you been making poor decisions with increasing frequency? If so, drug abuse could be to blame. Dependency can often impair judgment. If you participate in risky behavior or put yourself, or others, in harm’s way to obtain drugs, you should seek professional help. 
  • Elyria-Ohio-drug-abuseFinancial Strain: Sometimes, drug abusers are willing to put themselves at financial risk to obtain their drug of choice. Forgoing bill payments and additional obligations, with little regard for the consequences, to pay for drugs, is a major indicator you have a problem. 
  • Change in Friendships: Many people try to hide their drug abuse from friends and family. If you spend more time with people who also use drugs instead of non-users, you should distance yourself from negative influences and research treatment options.  

If you or a loved one needs drug abuse or alcohol treatment in Elyria or the neighboring communities, call (440) 323-5121 today. To ease anxiety, one of Psych & Psych Services’ compassionate team members will let you know what to expect during treatment. Visit them online to discover how their drug abuse programs will improve your quality of life, and like them on Facebook for announcements. 

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