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How a Garage Door Sensor can Keep You Safe June 19, 2017

Middletown, Butler
How a Garage Door Sensor can Keep You Safe, Middletown, Ohio

Your home should be a safe haven. To keep your family and possessions from harm, it is important to take necessary precautions against mishaps. The garage door, which is used as the main entrance by most homeowners, is an active and accident-prone area. However, you can protect your home against a variety of mishaps by purchasing a garage door sensor. 

Safety Benefits of a Garage Door Sensor

Connect It to Your Alarm System

garage doorMany garage door sensors are able to connect directly to your home’s security system. When armed, your system will detect anytime the overhead door is opened. Through modern technology, such as a smart phone app, you will be notified anytime someone approaches your entryway. If it is a stranger, you can choose to alert the police and set off a blaring siren to help scare away the intruder, ensuring you and your loved ones remain safe from harm. 

Detect Movement

Two parts are installed to detect movement beneath the garage door. One sends out an invisible signal while the other receives it. If uninterrupted, your garage door will open and close smoothly. However, if, for example, a wandering child breaks the signal during the closing of the door, the system will automatically send it back up. This feature keeps children, pets, and adults safe from potentially being injured by the dangerous weight of the machinery.

Provides a Barrier

Having an automated garage door with a sensor will allow you to drive directly into your garage without exiting your vehicle. Through the use of a wireless opener, you can avoid leaving your car and being vulnerable to potentially dangerous situations, such as extreme weather conditions or suspicious people loitering nearby. 


A sensor can keep your home and family safe by scaring off intruders, preventing accidents, and avoiding dangerous situations. If you are interested in equipping your garage door with this technology, turn to the professionals at C&C Garage Doors in Middletown, OH. With over 20 years of experience, they guarantee quality results to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. For more information, visit their website or call (513) 423-6205 today.

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