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How the Septic Tank Cleaning Process Works June 29, 2017

Newberg, Yamhill
How the Septic Tank Cleaning Process Works, Newberg, Oregon

When people think about the integral parts of their home, the foundation, walls, and even appliances may come to mind. But what about the septic tank system? This crucial structure is frequently undervalued, but it effectively manages your household wastewater and prevents groundwater pollution. Here, American On Site in Molalla and Newberg, OR, shares how the septic tank cleaning process works so you understand this essential maintenance need.

Homeowners should have their septic tank cleaned every three to five years to address accumulated sludge such as grease and scum. An inspector will start this process by first measuring the sludge through the inspection port and noting their observations. When the scum is about one-third of the liquid layer, the tank requires pumping. 

septic tankWhile you may want to do this inspection yourself, you should leave it to professionals. Toxic gasses build up in septic systems and can lead to serious health repercussions and even death if not handled properly.

Next, the inspector will check the septic tank walls and the drain field. They’ll take into account how many people live in the residence as well as any special appliances that use water such as hot tub, water softener or garbage disposal. These factors will change how often your system requires pumping.

The last step is to pump the septic tank, if necessary. This involves pumping out the liquid in the tank as well as stirring it into the sludge to remove solids. This is crucial as leaving the solids will reduce your effluent retention time. The effluent is taken to cesspools or waste water treatment plants where it’s disposed of based on local governmental regulations.

If you need regular septic tank maintenance or want to have your tank inspected, call American On Site at (503) 829-7600 for Molalla or (503) 538-8808 for their Newberg, OR, location. Visit the website to learn how their experienced staff can help with all your septic tank needs.

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