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4 Tips for Perfecting S’mores in Your Outdoor Firepits June 18, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
4 Tips for Perfecting S’mores in Your Outdoor Firepits, St. Charles, Missouri

Summer is the ideal time for enjoying the outdoors, especially at night. Sitting around fireplaces and firepits and roasting marshmallows and making s’mores is a warm-weather tradition. But you don’t need to go out in the woods to enjoy this quintessential activity! To make your patio the perfect home entertainment spot, install a firepit from Watson's. And with an open flame, you can cook s’mores all season long.

Once you purchase and install your new firepit from Watson’s, use the following suggestions to make the best s’mores:

  • Use Two Prongs: When cooking your marshmallow in the fire, it will melt so you want as much security as possible. With a two-prong skewer, your marshmallow won’t fall off or sag to one side. Just remember to place the prong directly through the middle. With a big enough stick, you can even fit more than one marshmallow, so you can roast multiple ones at the same time.
  • fireplace and firepitDon’t Get Too Close to the Fire: While the novelty of having your own fireplace and firepit can be exciting, an open flame is also dangerous. Make sure you sit a far enough distance away from the fire to prevent burning yourself. Use a long stick to roast your marshmallow from a comfortable distance away.
  • Don’t Scorch the Marshmallow: When making s’mores, it’s easy to be overzealous and insert your marshmallow too far into the flame. You want to position it a few inches out of the fire so it won’t get scorched. The goal is to heat the marshmallow without overcooking it. If you put the prong all the way into the flame, it will likely catch fire, charring the whole marshmallow. 
  • Be Creative: While s’mores are a classic, mix up the flavor with some creative ideas. Add peanut butter to your chocolate for a sweet and savory taste or place candy in the s’more for additional flavor and crunch. There are no bad ideas when it comes to this delicious treat!

If you want to invite all of your friends and family over for a night of making s’mores, stop by Watson’s to find the perfect fireplace and firepit for your home. They offer a wide selection of outdoor home entertainment options to keep you busy and relaxed all summer long. To find out more about their inventory, call (513) 326-1100 or visit their website.

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