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Local Internet Provider Introduces Stingray Music App – Free to Subscribers June 12, 2017

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Local Internet Provider Introduces Stingray Music App – Free to Subscribers, Pine Grove, California

Imagine having a free music app that plays a wide range of commercial-free music right at your fingertips. For VolcanoVision subscribers, this can easily become a reality. Volcano Communications Group has been the trusted cable, telephone, and Internet provider for the Pine Grove, CA, area for over a century, and if you’re currently a cable TV subscriber or you’re considering becoming one, you’ll have access to free music for every occasion.

An Introduction to Stingray Music, Courtesy of Your Internet Provider

Internet providerStingray Music is available on your television set, on the web, and now on your mobile tablet or smartphone. To log into the app, you’ll just need your login information and WiFi Internet access. Logging into the app gives you instant streaming for over 2,000 channels featuring more than 100 genres of music.

Each channel has 10 to 12 hours of music playing, which are updated weekly, and their music programmers are constantly adding new channels for your enjoyment as well. You’ll never run out of new music to love!

The app makes it easy to find music for the moment you’re in: just select a channel based on your current activity, mood, genre, theme, or desired era. For example, if you’re going for a run, choose the appropriate activity channel, and you’ll have encouraging, upbeat music streaming to keep your feet pounding the pavement.

If you’re throwing a party at your home, select your favorite music style, and your playlist, so the event is set for you. Taking your free music everywhere with you can improve all of your day-to-day activities: your workout, workday, and your downtime at home.

Visit Volcano Communications Group online to see a list of current music channels accessible on your television, or visit the app store on your mobile device to download the mobile app. If you need a new phone service, cable or Internet provider, call (209) 296-7502 to get set up with an affordable and reliable package, providing access to the Stingray perk.  

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