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Make Your Final Wishes Known: 3 Tips for Talking About Funeral Planning With Loved Ones June 2, 2017

Make Your Final Wishes Known: 3 Tips for Talking About Funeral Planning With Loved Ones, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Whether you are struggling with an ongoing illness or you being proactive with your end-of-life planning, you might be looking for ways to talk with your family members about your final wishes. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to bring up funeral arrangements, especially when others might not be expecting it. Here are three tips for talking with loved ones about your final wishes.

Choose the Right Time & Place

Although you might be tempted to bring up your funeral arrangements casually at a family barbecue, it is important to choose the right time and place to discuss your final wishes. Bringing up such an emotionally charged topic in the wrong setting could make it hard for family members to cope with the subject matter or concentrate on the importance of your memorial details. Instead, set aside an afternoon or evening to talk with family members, and invite them to a calm, relaxed place where they can focus.

Be Sensitive to Their Feelings

It might be easier for you to talk about your passing by telling jokes or using a light-hearted tone of voice, but the thought of your death is painful for your loved ones to cope with. When you talk with relatives, be sensitive to their feelings and pace the conversation appropriately.  

funeralOffer Written Documents

Although it might seem overly formal, giving your relatives documents with a list of your final wishes can be incredibly helpful. In addition to giving them an easy reference guide, they can use these to plan your services. Written instructions and professionally prepared end-of-life documents are necessary for helping your family members to avoid any disputes or problems after your passing.

Are you concerned about funeral planning? Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory in Wagoner, Oklahoma, is committed to helping their clients to plan wonderful memorial services while keeping costs low. In addition to a variety of funeral products and services, these kind and caring professionals have a dedicated space set aside to hold grief support meetings for family members free of charge. For more information about their services or to schedule a funeral pre-planning meeting with a certified celebrant, visit them online or call (918) 485-9525 for their Wagoner, Oklahoma, location or (918) 683-1700 for their Muskogee, Oklahoma, location. 

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