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Old Forge Commercial Tinting Firm Discusses 3 Risks Associated With Large Windows June 2, 2017

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Old Forge Commercial Tinting Firm Discusses 3 Risks Associated With Large Windows, Old Forge, Pennsylvania

Large windows let in warmth and sunlight to create a pleasant ambiance in any commercial building. However, there are also serious drawbacks to installing massive floor-to-ceiling windows. If you have expensive windows in your building and you’re concerned about the risks, turn to Sun Control Plus in Old Forge, PA. As the region’s leading  3M commercial tinting company, their team discusses some of the risks associated with large windows and the solutions they provide to mitigate them.

3 Risks Associated With Large Windows

1. Forced Entry

If the doors to your building are locked but the windows are large enough, an intruder can simply shatter the glass and break in through the window. The 3M Security Film and Impact Protection Attachment System from Sun Control Plus mitigates this risk by bonding the glass to the window frame to create a stronger barrier, providing an additional layer of security.

2. Dangerous Shards

commercial tinting Large windows can produce dangerous shards that travel at a high velocity when they shatter. If you are concerned about impacts and any subsequent shards, there are commercial tinting films you can install to prevent expansive windows from shattering and hurting employees, customers, or pedestrians who are walking by.

3. Offensive Graffiti

There are a number of reasons why graffiti artists target large windows, and the cleanup is often costly and time-consuming. If there are large windows in your building and vandalism is a serious problem in the neighborhood — or you just want to protect street-level windows from scratches and gouges — consider applying the 3M Anti Graffiti-Surface Protection Series. You can also use this film on any elevators, countertops, and bathroom mirrors throughout the building to protect them as well.

If you want to combat the risks associated with large windows or install commercial tinting to keep your utility costs down, contact Sun Control Plus in Old Forge, PA. Visit their website to learn more about the commercial services they provide in addition to window tinting, and call (570) 451-1655 to discuss your window needs.

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