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Road To Recovery-Part Two May 30, 2017

Road To Recovery-Part Two, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Road to Recovery-Part Two (Dedicated to My Dad-David Toon)

The next morning after we awoke in Oakridge, Oregon I was ready to take Jason and the kids down the street where I lived as a young girl. With breakfast down our hatches and anticipation in our spirits we set off to locate Cherry Street. It didn’t take us long to find the old Elementary School that I used to attend while living in the small Oregon town. Then we made a right-hand turn which led us down Cherry Street with the same train tracks in place and the curve in the road just like I remembered it to be. On the street corner where our old house use to set now set a newer modular home with only the old garage still in place. We decided to park our car and get out just to see what it would feel like to take a stroll down the street I once played on as a child now that I was an adult. While walking down the street we ran into a gentleman by the name of Bill we asked him if he would take a photo of Jason and I for our memory book. With a puzzled look on his face he asked who my parents were and how long ago it was that I resided there. As I shared with Bill about my dad, mom and other siblings he remembered us surprisingly well. Bill was the gentleman that helped my dad get our old Pontiac station wagon going for us to make the trip back to Oklahoma. With tears in his eyes he reminisced about my dad and how he was such a great guy. You could feel the joy that radiated from him knowing that after all these years one of us had finally returned. We shared many wonderful memories of my childhood living there and Bills memories of my dad and our family. Although the houses on the street had changed and many of the neighbors had either grown up and moved away or passed on to eternity the memories of our family remained. As we drew closer to wrapping up our time with Bill on Cherry Street I came to realize how much we can really impact people by how we treat them and that memories shared with others truly do still carry on after were gone. Bill wasn’t aware that in 2005 my dad entered Heaven after a battle with pancreatic cancer that lasted for six months. What many didn’t know about my dad is that he truly was a hero to many who have met him and even those that never had the opportunity to meet him. Before my dad came into my life he fought in the Vietnam War experiencing and witnessing battles we could never imagine. I remember him sharing with me and my brothers and sister how when he returned to America people were not very friendly to him or the other soldiers. I couldn’t imagine the pain and rejection that my dad and the other heroes faced. My dad was a strong and courageous man who would stand up for what was right even when he had to stand alone. I was a very young girl when David Toon who I call my dad entered my life. My biological father who I have never met walked out of my life and my mom and brothers. But God seen that I needed a strong man in my life to help me grow into the woman who God desires for me to be so David soon became the man I would call Daddy. As I returned to the street where I played as a young child it became apparent to me how special and blessed I was to have a dad like the one God gave me. On this Memorial Day, I’m filled with great honor knowing that because of my dad not only am I able to have freedom but I am the woman I am today because of the life values that he instilled in me. I learned on this very day in May the importance of being respectful and making memories with people who God places in your life to help you on your journey. I also noticed all of the years I sat and wondered why my biological dad would ever reject and abandon my family and it ended up truly being a blessing after all because I had the opportunity to call the best man in the world my daddy. It’s in moments like these that you can truly see God’s power, glory and blessings shine from above. It’s truly important to make the best of each day and take time to make good memories with those who are a part of your life. We truly never know what we have sometimes until it’s gone and you look back and realize what a blessing we really had. Written by Anita J. Shipman

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