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Answers to 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Careers in Health Care June 6, 2017

Wakefield, Bronx
Answers to 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Careers in Health Care, Bronx, New York

A career in health care is rewarding because you not only make a good living but help people in need. The field encompasses a broad range of jobs with different levels of training, so it’s natural to have a lot of questions if you're considering it as an occupation. Big Apple Training, with locations in the Bronx and White Plains, NY, offers continuing education and certification for medical professionals in many areas and answers frequently asked questions about health care jobs.

4 FAQs About Careers in Health Care

Is Health Care a Recession-Proof Job?

No career is immune to a recession, but health care always will be a necessity. That means people who are medical assistants or certified home health aides might enjoy more career stability than others. Health care is projected to become the country’s largest employment sector by 2024.

Do You Need a 4-Year Degree?

career in health care the Bronx White Plains NYMany careers in health care require at least a four-year degree. However, you can get the skills you need for many jobs with a short-term training program. For example, an EKG technician requires two years of education. To become a certified nurse assistant, you need only a high school diploma or GED and training that lasts approximately 12 weeks. 

How Much Money Do Health Care Professionals Make?

Each career in the medical field offers a different level of pay. In general, the more specialized the position or advanced education it requires, the greater the earning potential.

Do All Health Care Workers Deal With Patients?

No. Many health care jobs are behind the scenes, providing support for the facility or medical staff. For instance, medical billing and coding specialists play a critical role in a medical office but do not interact with patients.

The health care field is an excellent option for people looking for a satisfying job with solid earning potential. Big Apple Training can help you gain the knowledge and experience you need. Whether you want to become a certified home health aide, nurse assistant, phlebotomy technician, or medical billing and coding specialist, they can put you on a path to success. For more information about their careers in health care, visit their website or call (914) 437-7373 for their facility in White Plains or (718) 231-3600 for their location in the Bronx.

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