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Grave Marker Buying Guide: Top 3 Options to Consider June 1, 2017

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Grave Marker Buying Guide: Top 3 Options to Consider, Rochester, New York

Grave markers, also known as headstones or memorials, are meant to mark the grave site of a person who has passed. These essential markers are fabricated from a variety of materials. They also come in different shapes and sizes and can be engraved to share additional information about the deceased. At McGee Monuments, located in Rochester, NY, they specialize in creating custom grave markers. When new customers contact them for information, the team will walk clients through their options to streamline the buying process. 

Buying a Grave Marker: 3 Popular Options to Research

Flat Grave Markers

Flat grave markers are also commonly referred to as grass markers. This term stems from their appearance as they sit flush against the ground as opposed to standing vertically. Since flat grave markers are typically smaller and don’t need to withstand the elements as much, they are usually less expensive and easier to maintain than a headstone or a tall monument. Certain states have different requirements as far as size and thickness for flat markers. If you’re unsure about the rules at a certain cemetery, ask your fabricator for advice. 

Companion Markers

Grave MarkerMany couples choose to invest in burial plots side by side. To cater to this situation, you can invest in companion markers. These are typically larger headstones or flat grave markers meant to memorialize two people buried next to one another.

Bevel Markers

Bevel markers are created on a slant and are slightly raised so that the memorial juts out from the ground. Bevel markers appear as something between a flat marker and a traditional headstone. Many cemeteries that use bevel markers do have restrictions on the height. Make sure you work within these parameters when planning a custom marker. 

Are you looking for a quality grave marker, monument, or memorial to pay tribute to your loved one? If so, call McGee Monuments, based in the heart of Rochester, NY, today at (585) 546-4602 to speak with a compassionate member of their team. For more information on how you can create a custom grave marker, check out their website

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