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What Is Dryer Vent Cleaning? June 16, 2017

Sunset Park, Brooklyn
What Is Dryer Vent Cleaning?, Brooklyn, New York

Dryer vent cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, and debris from your vents. While you might not consider your dryer a hazardous appliance, its buildup negatively impacts air quality and increases fire potential, putting your entire household in danger. Regular cleaning improves both air quality and overall safety.

How Often Do I Need Dryer Vent Cleaning?

dryer vent cleaningDryer vent cleaning is recommended at least annually. Professional service will remove the natural buildup of lint, dirt, and dust to reduce monthly energy bills, improve safety, and raise air quality. When residents in the Northeast region need high-quality HVAC work, they turn to the professionals at AnbitAir Solutions. This talented team provides AC repair, electrical work, air duct, and dryer vent cleaning.

How Does It Avoid Danger?

Dryer fires cause damage to thousands of families each year. Even if you clean out your lint trap after every use, it’s not enough to prevent danger. Professional maintenance makes these fires entirely preventable.

Parts often need to be replaced, and only experts can spot and diagnose these issues. If you notice that clothes aren’t drying completely or smell a musty, unusual odor, it’s time to call in an HVAC service to clean out vent debris.

If you’re seeking the highest quality dryer vent cleaning, trust the professionals at AnbitAir Solutions in Brooklyn, NY. Visit them online for more information, keep updated on Facebook, or call (917) 392-1664 to schedule your free estimate today.

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