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Help Your Child Succeed: A Guide to NYC Gifted & Talented Test Prep July 3, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Help Your Child Succeed: A Guide to NYC Gifted & Talented Test Prep , Staten Island, New York

If your child is a quick learner and surpasses their peers in the classroom, they may be eligible to participate in one of New York City’s gifted programs. Offered by the NYC Department of Education, these programs are designed to support the needs of prodigious children, providing them rigorous and specialized curriculum. To be accepted, a child must first pass the New York City Gifted and Talented Test. To help your child excel, NYC’s FasTracKids offers Gifted and Talented Test Prep to ensure each child receives their best possible score. 

An Overview of the Gifted & Talented Test 

New York City offers gifted and talented programs for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, but only children entering kindergarten through third grade may apply. Admissions decisions are based entirely on the Gifted and Talented Test scores. Keep in mind that thousands of children apply every year, but only a small percentage are admitted. Even if a child scores in the 99th percentile, they are not guaranteed a slot, which is why test prep is crucial. 

What Is the Test? 

gifted and talented test prepThe Gifted and Talented Test is comprised of two parts: verbal and non-verbal—also called the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test® (OLSAT) and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® (NNAT). Each test accounts for 50% of the total score. The OLSAT consists of 30 verbal questions, and the questions are used to determine a child’s oral comprehension and verbal reasoning. The NNAT, on the other hand, is a timed test used to establish a child’s abstract spatial thinking skills. The NNAT uses minimal language, even in its directions, and it consists of 48 multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. 

How Is Eligibility Determined? 

There are two kinds of gifted and talented programs: citywide and district-wide. The citywide programs are more selective than the district programs and require your child to score in the 97th to 99th percentile. For admission in the district-wide programs, your child must score in the 90th percentile or above. 

How Can Your Child Prepare? 

These enrichment programs are extremely selective. Gifted and Talented Test Prep should begin at an early age to improve your child's chance of success. FasTracKids offers its prep program to children as young as two years old. In these programs, children receive age-appropriate, individualized instruction and participate in enrichment activities to enhance their cognitive abilities. If your child is accepted into a gifted and talented school, you can still enroll them in supportive enrichment programs at FasTracKids to ensure long-term success. 

For more information on how you can prepare your child with Gifted and Talented Test Prep, contact the team at FasTracKids today. Call their East Village location at (212) 375-9500 to speak with a staff member, or visit their website for a complete list of their programs. 

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