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Pet Wellness: Top 5 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat June 26, 2017

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Pet Wellness: Top 5 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat, Springfield, Ohio

Feeding the dog table scraps is a common practice among pet owners. Giving the family pooch human food is often an act of love, but canines do not process such food the way people do. Many human foods produce toxic reactions or other health complications. Continue your pet wellness education by learning about five foods your dog should never consume.

Pet Wellness: 5 Foods Your Should Never Feed Your Dog

1. Onion

Onions, as well as similar vegetables such as chives and garlic, irritate your dog’s gastrointestinal tract, which can result in asthma attacks, red cell damage, and liver problems. Signs of ingestion include vomiting, sluggishness, and diarrhea. pet wellness

2. Avocado

This healthy fat source is potentially deadly to dogs and other animals. This effect is due to the presence of persin, an element that causes breathing difficulties, mammary gland inflammation, serious congestion, fluid buildup around the heart, and death. Even a small amount of the fruit will result in severe diarrhea and vomiting.

3. Chocolate

Your favorite sweet treat contains methylxanthine, a chemical found in caffeinated beverages as well as chocolate. It causes reactions including increased urination and thirst, diarrhea, panting, vomiting, tremors, heartbeat problems, muscle spasms, and death.

4. Grapes

Why grapes trigger serious reactions in dogs and other pets is still unknown, but the symptoms are very serious regardless. Eating grapes or raisins can cause vomiting, hyperactivity, depression, lethargy, and kidney failure. It can also result in animal fatalities.

5. Yeast Dough

Feeding your dog bread is never a good idea, as the dough expands in the canine’s stomach to result in gastrointestinal problems if not stomach or intestine rupturing. Symptoms include bloat and vomiting.


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