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5 Animal Care Tips for Housetraining Your New Puppy June 19, 2017

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5 Animal Care Tips for Housetraining Your New Puppy, Springfield, Ohio

Housetraining your puppy requires patience, love, and a commitment to building a healthy routine that will allow your pet to thrive for years to come. Before you begin, it is helpful to have a few tools such as a crate, training pads, and enzyme stain and odor-removing products on hand.

The dedicated veterinary staff at TLC Pet Care Centers in Cincinnati, OH, has over 30 years of experience providing high-quality animal care and can suggest techniques that will aid your puppy’s housetraining.   

5 Animal Care Housetraining Tips

1. Start EarlyAnimal Care

Animal care experts recommend housetraining a puppy between 12- to 16-weeks-old. At that age, the puppy will have enough bladder and bowel control to learn how to hold it.

2. Feed on Schedule                                   

Feed your puppy on a regular schedule, so that you will be able to predict when your puppy needs to potty. The diet should be simple, high-quality dry kibble. After eating, remove the leftover food, so that your pooch won’t over-eat. Avoid giving your pet table scraps and canned foods that can cause upset stomach or loose stools. Keep a journal, so that you can record what time your puppy eats, urinates, and defecates.

3. Be Consistent

Always take your puppy outside to potty in the same spot. Puppies have tiny bladders, so be prepared to take your little pal outside soon after drinking and eating. Potty time should be consistent and should happen 10 to 20 minutes after every drink or meal.

4. Command & Reward

Create a command or word association that your puppy can understand, like the classic, “go potty.”  Your pet will learn to eliminate when you repeat the command. If you are consistent with your prompts, your dog will figure out when to do its duty. Reward the pup with lots of praise and play when the puppy relieves itself outdoors.

5. Do Not Punish

Never punish your puppy for having indoor accidents. The animal can become scared and refuse to relieve itself in front of you, resulting in a major setback for your pet. Don’t rub their nose in the mess or scold them.

When you need a compassionate animal hospital that understands the importance of pet health, contact TLC Pet Care Centers in Cincinnati.  They offer 24-hour pet boarding, pet surgery, and exotic pet care. Call the East branch at (513) 683-2300 and West branch at (513) 825-4011 to speak with a member of their friendly staff. Visit the website for more information on all of their animal care services.

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