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Dealing With Pain? 3 Common Problems Your Chiropractor Will Solve September 13, 2017

Soldotna, Kenai Peninsula
Dealing With Pain? 3 Common Problems Your Chiropractor Will Solve, Soldotna, Alaska

When your body hurts, you just want the pain to go away. Many people rely on over-the-counter medication or even consider surgery, but for many common body aches — including neck pain or sciatica — there’s a better solution. At West Chiropractic Clinic in Soldotna, AK, chiropractors provide spinal adjustments to help balance the body and relieve chronic pain.

3 Common Ailments & How Chiropractic Treatment Will Help 

1. Headaches

Everyone has a headache from time to time, but if your head is always throbbing, it could indicate a bigger problem. Before relying on migraine medicine, schedule a visit with a chiropractor. They will ask you a series of questions about the type, severity, and frequency of your headaches to determine what course of action to take. 

2. Lower Back Pain

chiropractorMaybe you injured yourself playing sports. Perhaps your job involves lifting heavy boxes or standing on your feet all day. Whatever the reason, your lower back hurts and you can’t seem to find relief. Don’t live with the pain — make an appointment for chiropractic treatment. A trained professional will not only provide spinal adjustments, but they will help create an in-home exercise program to prevent the pain from returning.

3. Sciatica

Lately, you’ve had some lower back pain and noticed a weird numbness or tingling feeling that starts in your lower back and travels down your leg. This condition is commonly known as sciatica, or pain that originates from your sciatic nerve. If you’re not sure what’s causing it, call your chiropractor to find out. There are many different techniques that can help, including massage therapy, stretching, and hands-on adjustments. A chiropractor will determine where the pain is coming from and devise a plan to help treat it.

Chronic pain is something no one should have to live with, and finding the right solution can be complicated. In many cases, you’ll need to work with both your chiropractor and a physician to find a treatment plan that works. If you have additional questions or want to find out if chiropractic treatment will help you, contact the professionals at West Chiropractic Clinic. Call (907) 262-9171 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for a list of the services they provide.

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