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Look Your Best in Graduation Photos With Cosmetic Dentistry May 18, 2017

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Look Your Best in Graduation Photos With Cosmetic Dentistry, Fairbanks, Alaska

With graduation season in full swing, you want to look your best for the myriad of photo opportunities you’ll be privy to. Cosmetic dentistry can work wonders in this regard, and Michael Helmbrecht, DDS, provides patients in Fairbanks, AK, with a range of procedures capable of creating bright and healthy smiles.

It’s no secret that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. When having your smile immortalized in graduations pictures, you want to make sure it’s as bright and pleasant as possible. Accordingly, the following cosmetic dentistry procedures can help you look your best for life’s many milestones.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a relatively simple procedure that can have a huge impact on your appearance. Bleaching kits are perfect to this end, as they can restore the natural luster of your teeth in a safe and effective manner. Kits include a bleaching solution, as well as a tray that is fitted to your teeth for the best results.


cosmetic dentistryIf you have more extensive dental issues you’d like to remedy, enameloplasty may be the way to go. This procedure involves reshaping the tooth so it has a more pleasant appearance. This can entail fixing a cracked or chipped tooth, or shaving down a tooth that is too long.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are another good option if you want to reshape your teeth. Unlike enameloplasty, crowns involve capping teeth to correct any imperfections. Caps are affixed via dental cement and cover the entirety of the tooth being worked on. Crowns can also be useful for keeping dental bridges in the proper position.

No matter what type of procedure you need, Michael Helmbrecht, DDS, and his amazing staff provide a wide range of dental services aimed at ensuring optimum oral health. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry by visiting the practice online. You can also schedule your appointment with a Fairbanks dentist by calling (907) 456-1237, and connect with them on their Facebook page.

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