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How to Decide Between TV Repair & Replacement May 29, 2017

Olde West Chester, West Chester
How to Decide Between TV Repair & Replacement, West Chester, Ohio

Television is a luxury you may take for granted until yours stops working. When your unit regularly malfunctions, how do you know whether TV repair or replacement is your best solution? Mason TV Repair of West Chester, OH, has provided reliable electronic repair for years and explains how to decide.

TV Repair vs. Replacement

Generally speaking, most TV malfunctions relate to display issues. The average LCD TV is designed to last for up to 40,000 viewing hours. Once that limit has been reached, the obvious answer to your problem is replacing the TV. For televisions malfunctioning earlier than expected, repairs can often do the trick, but you should take a few factors into consideration.

Which Is More Cost-Effective?

TV repairDepending on whether your system is still under warranty or not, the cost of repair may surpass the cost of replacement. Call a local TV store, describe the problem your machine is experiencing, and get a price quote on repairs. If the cost is more than half the price of a brand-new television, it’s often recommended to opt for a replacement.

Which Will Best Extend the Life Span of Your System?

Consider the additional life you’ll get out of your system with a repair. If the problem is great enough and the system is old enough, you may only get another year out of your current TV. If that’s the case, replacing the system makes more financial sense. If, however, a simple repair can leave your TV in working condition for years to come, that is the best way to solve your problem without breaking the bank.

If your television has a damaged screen or won’t turn on, get in touch with the team at Mason TV Repair. They’ll come right to you to fix the problem so you don’t have to haul your system to the store. To schedule an appointment, call their team today at (513) 305-4797. Visit their website for a full list of services.

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