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3 Powerful Benefits of Non-Invasive Dental Implants May 24, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
3 Powerful Benefits of Non-Invasive Dental Implants, Anchorage, Alaska

Living with tooth loss can be embarrassing and frustrating, which is why many people look for a tooth replacement solution that fits their budget and lifestyle. Although modern dental implants give patients the opportunity to enjoy life-like teeth that last a lifetime and are easy to care for, recent advancements in laser technology have paved the way for non-invasive alternatives.

Here are three powerful benefits of non-invasive dental implants, and why they might be right for you.

Improved Comfort

dental implantsSince dental implants rely on titanium posts that are anchored into jaw tissue, traditional implant surgeries can be lengthy and uncomfortable. Non-invasive dental implants are implemented with state-of-the-art laser tools, allowing dentists to install posts without dental drills, incisions, and stitches. Patients who receive non-invasive dental implants enjoy a more comfortable procedure—a perk that’s especially attractive to people who need more than one implant. 

Bone Regeneration

Dental implants rely on osseointegration between the post and the bone tissue to create a strong, stable artificial tooth. One of the most exciting benefits of non-invasive dental implants is the fact that laser therapy stimulates bone regeneration, helping implants heal faster and bond with their designated posts.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Because laser cutting tools destroy bacteria and viruses on contact, patients who opt for non-invasive dental implants are less likely to develop infections that could threaten their results and extend their recovery periods.  


When you are ready to improve your smile with non-invasive dental implants, schedule an appointment with the professionals at Huffman Family Dentistry in Anchorage, AK. In addition to helping patients prevent bone loss and enjoy smiles they can be proud of, these experienced doctors offer orthodontic care, veneers, and even gum disease treatment. For more information about their respected practice, send their team a message online or call (907) 345-7722.

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