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3 Ways Customizable Voicemail Helps Connect Customers to You May 19, 2017

Central Business District, Rochester
3 Ways Customizable Voicemail Helps Connect Customers to You, Rochester, New York

At the heart of every client-facing business is the power of communication. Effective contact with customers sets the foundation for a successful bottom line. That’s why it’s so important to employ strategies that empower your customers to take the next step. One of the most reliable of these methods is setting up a customizable voicemail that compels your customers to keep listening.

How does this savvy method of connecting with customers make a difference in how well you correspond with your base? It depends largely on the content of the customizable voicemail itself. Here are three important factors to consider:

  • Make It Purposeful: When customers reach an answering service, their first inclination may be to hang up if they hear standard phrases assuring them that their call is very important to you. Instead, introduce yourself, thank the customer for calling, and proceed to direct callers to the correct department via a company directory. Alternately, you may include office hours and invite callers to leave a message or call back at a specific time. 
  • Rochester, NY customizable voicemailGive It Personality: If you’re unsure about your own tone or wish to convey a specific personality to reflect your business, consider hiring a voiceover artist who can properly narrate a script and deliver your message in a way that best reaches your customer base. If you use a medical phone service, for example, your company might benefit from a gentle, friendly, and professional tone that mimics a calming bedside manner, while companies employing a management answering service may wish to use a more corporate voice.
  • Establish a Connection: Customizable voicemail has the benefit of allowing you to really connect with your customers. Introduce yourself as someone who is there specifically to provide a much-needed service to the caller. Use this opportunity to direct the caller to an appropriate extension if you won’t be in until the next business day.

Customizing your voicemail also allows you to provide stellar customer service. You can inform customers, for example, that your business is closed for a holiday or due to inclement weather. It’s an invaluable tool that benefits your business and your customers—and that’s a truly priceless benefit.


Action Telephone Exchange provides comprehensive answering service and customizable voicemail solutions for medical, heating, and property management companies in the Rochester, NY, community. By providing your clients with this excellent form of customer service, you’ll notice an immediate difference. Visit the company’s website to learn more, or call (585) 232-3920.

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