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5 Trendy Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project May 18, 2017

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5 Trendy Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project, Anchorage, Alaska

If you’re preparing for a bathroom remodel and want to give it a truly updated renovation, it’s helpful to have a grasp of the most current industry trends. The home improvement professionals at Alaska Painting & Construction in Anchorage, AK, can provide helpful guidance about the most stylish and practical solutions for your bathroom. You can also take your cue from some of these modern ideas.

5 Ways to Give Your Bathroom Remodel a Trendy Twist

1. Making Space

If you desire extra storage space above anything else, a space-focused design can work wonders. Home remodeling professionals have clever methods of transforming empty spaces into functional ones. Vertical columns can be fitted for cabinets, or open shelves can be installed over the toilet or on a blank wall.

2. White on White

Call it classic—with a twist. White color palettes open up small bathrooms and provide a blank canvas that is easy to accessorize. Trendy subway tiles create bright walls for the shower or tub, and dark grout provides just the right pop of contrast for all-white toilets and sinks.

3. Unique Lighting

bathroom remodelDon’t commit to just one type of light. Instead, brighten the space with a range of different styles. Line the mirror with a pair of funky sconces, adorn the ceiling with a grand chandelier, or try charming table lamps on a large countertop to add warmth and low-key illumination.

4. Mixed Media

For music lovers who can’t handle a silent shower, a media-savvy bathroom may be the answer. Ask your home improvement contractor about installing wireless or Bluetooth speakers on the mirrors, and find out if a waterproof model can be fitted in your shower or tub. If space allows, you can take your bathroom remodel to the next level and install a television across from your bathtub.

5. Extra Warmth

Whether you’re always cold or dread getting up early in the winter, a warmed-up bathroom can change your perspective. Adding heated floors and towel warmers are key ways of building a cozier bathroom. In larger spaces, home remodel experts may even implement a cozy, vent-free fireplace for an extra luxurious touch.

If these trends sound exactly like what you want from your bathroom remodel, you can rely on the skilled team at Alaska Painting & Construction to bring them to life. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their services, or call (907) 830-3050 to schedule an appointment.

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