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Real Estate FAQ: How Can I Find the Right Investment Listing? May 19, 2017

Panama City Beach, Bay
Real Estate FAQ: How Can I Find the Right Investment Listing?, Panama City Beach, Florida

Are you eager for a new piece of real estate but not sure what kind of property to invest in? Southern Rentals & Real Estate is the Gulf Coast’s premier real estate, vacation rental, and property management provider. With decades of experience in the local industry, their team knows what properties benefit Florida and Alabama investors most. 

To find an income property that meets all your financial goals, check out the company’s investment FAQs below. 

Income Property FAQs 

How Can I Find the Ideal Income Property? 

Real EstateThe ideal investment listing may differ from your dream home. Think like a renter or vacationer when doing your research. Review online listings and talk with local realtors. As you browse area properties, look for homes that are in attractive, accessible locations and include rental-friendly amenities like a pool, large kitchen, or recreation room. 

The most sought-after Gulf Coast investment listings are located near the water, updated or newly remodeled, and have a high resale value. 

What Should I Ask My Real Estate Agent? 

Ask your real estate agent about other income property listings in the area and how they compare to the properties you are considering. Is the prospective home or condominium pricier than others? Does it have a smaller yard or less square footage than a comparable place down the street? Stay tuned into the local industry to determine if you are getting the best deal, as well as the prospective rental income. 

What Else Should I Consider Before Buying? 

Before buying, consider the area’s flood and hurricane risks, insurance costs, HOA fees, and current market to determine if the investment is appropriate. You should also find out if there is new development planned in the area. If you get a chance to speak with the seller, ask them how long the property has been on the market and how many offers they have had. 

You should also ask about renovations, the age of the electrical wiring and roofing, and whether ample parking is available. Finally, research the property to determine if any notable crimes or accidents have taken place within it, as this deters renters and buyers in the future. 

To find the perfect real estate investment property, call Southern Rentals & Real Estate in Destin, FL, at (866) 534-8939. For more information about their vacation rentals and specials, visit their website

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