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The Top 3 Benefits of a Custom Sprinkler System May 19, 2017

Antelope Park, Lincoln
The Top 3 Benefits of a Custom Sprinkler System, Lincoln, Nebraska

As temperatures rise and summer approaches, delicate trees and plants require increasing amounts of moisture to stay lush and vibrant. Whether you own a home or run a business, a custom sprinkler system will keep your lawn and garden healthy year-round.

Lincoln, NE’s sprinkler sales, installation, and repair expert, Whittemore Sprinkler Company, knows just how beneficial these systems are for growing companies and busy families. To learn more about how a custom sprinkler system can help you, read the team’s top advantages of sprinklers below. 

Top 3 Benefits of Custom Sprinkler Systems

1. Specialized Lawn Care 

Custom Sprinkler SystemWhether you’re a golf course manager, farmer, or homeowner, a custom sprinkler system will allow you to tailor lawn and garden care to any space. Whether you have a small plot of commercial land or a sprawling residential property, you and an experienced technician can design a strategy that best suits your yard’s needs.

2. Worry-Free Watering 

Active parents and business owners benefit from the convenience of automatic sprinkler systems. For example, you can schedule your system’s automatic timer for the ideal watering window according to the current season and space. That way, you can keep your lawn green without having to think twice about it. As the days grow longer, custom systems can adjust to fulfill extended watering needs. If rains set in, you can easily pause your system’s pattern.

3. Efficiency & Savings

Quality sprinkler brands like Toro®, Hunter®, and Rain Bird® provide efficient ways to water your lawn and garden. In contrast to watering by hand or installing a basic sprinkler system, the automatic timing and water conservation technology custom sprinklers provide will save you a significant amount of time and money.

If your sprinkler malfunctions or requires additional heads, a quality installation and service team will help you devise a lasting solution. For more information about installing a custom sprinkler system, call Whittemore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, NE, at (402) 476-8552. To learn more about their sprinkler and irrigation services, visit their website

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