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3 Reasons You Should Schedule Mosquito Treatment Today May 18, 2017

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3 Reasons You Should Schedule Mosquito Treatment Today, Murrayville, Georgia

Scheduling a mosquito treatment now means stress-free summer cookouts and relaxing evenings in the hammock unperturbed by pests. With Memorial Day right around the corner, here are three reasons to schedule an appointment today and ensure your summer days aren’t spent scratching. 

Scheduling a Mosquito Treatment 

No Time to Waste

Mosquito TreatmentJust like AC repair companies or pool cleaners, pest control companies are busier during the summer months. Don’t wait until Independence Day when the grill is hot and fireworks are lighting up the sky to realize you should have called a pest control company. Make your reservation in advance when the specialists’ availability is more flexible

Protect Against Diseases

Mosquitos carry several serious diseases, including the West Nile Virus, which can make those infected extremely sick. As you and your family go about enjoying the summer, the last thing on your mind should be the possibility of contracting a disease—get peace of mind by investing in a mosquito treatment regimen that reduces your chances of being bit by an infected mosquito.  

Ineffective Deterrent Methods

There’s nothing worse than being at an outdoor dinner party and realizing those candles you bought to keep the mosquitos at bay aren’t working. Homeowners spend excessive amounts of money on potions, candles, and devices to ward the insects off, but what they need are professionals. A professional pest control company will offer monthly mosquito treatment services where workers search for stagnant water and treat areas where mosquitos hide during the day, such as low trees or hedges.  


Don’t spend another summer covered in mosquito bites—contact Coppermines Pest Control in Murrayville, GA. They pride themselves on being the largest pest and termite control company in North Georgia. Call their office today at (888) 717-7035 to schedule an appointment or follow them on Twitter to learn more. 

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