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Traditional Chinese Food: 5 Delicious Options From Peking Wok May 18, 2017

Dimond Estates, Anchorage
Traditional Chinese Food: 5 Delicious Options From Peking Wok, Anchorage, Alaska

Finding traditional Chinese food in Alaska isn’t as hard as one might imagine. Seven days a week, Anchorage’s Peking Wok serves up authentic Chinese cuisine that marries tradition with culinary innovation. Whether you’re looking for a new delivery service or are tired of your usual date night options, you can’t go wrong with their five most popular dishes.

Top 5 Traditional Chinese Food Dishes at Peking Wok 

Egg Roll Appetizer

traditional chinese foodIt’s hard to conjure up ideas of traditional Chinese food without thinking of the egg roll. As a takeout staple, the egg roll is especially delicious at Peking Wok. A crispy shell is stuffed with meat, cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts, then deep-fried to perfection.

Mongolian Beef

In an attempt to provide the entire family with delicious food at an affordable price, this traditional Chinese food restaurant offers nine group dinner options for parties of two or more. A number of these selections feature the popular Mongolian Beef dish—flank steak stir-fried with mixed vegetables in a traditional brown sauce.

Breaded Almond Chicken Special

Another hit off the specials menu, this dish features a unique combination of flavors. First, breaded chicken is placed on a bed of fresh lettuce. Then, a generous serving of brown sauce, toasted almonds, and green onions are drizzled over the meat. The result is a perfectly crunchy, textured taste that’s sure to be a crowd favorite.

Peking Spicy Beef Lunch Special

Looking for an alternative to your usual lunch delivery options? The Peking Spicy Beef special will spice up any weekday lunch break. First, the beef is fried over medium heat in a marinade of soy and hoisin sauces. When served with rice, this flavorful plate packs an unrivaled punch to satisfy your midday cravings.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Not a meat lover? Peking Wok’s vegetable fried rice is a favorite among vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This mixture of cooked rice, veggies, and egg is enough to fill a hungry belly without breaking the bank.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, the traditional Chinese food at Peking Wok won’t let you down. Call (907) 248-1648 or visit the restaurant’s website to view their full menu.

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