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Toccoa Family Lawyer Explains Legal Child Custody May 18, 2017

Toccoa, Stephens
Toccoa Family Lawyer Explains Legal Child Custody, Toccoa, Georgia

Child custody disputes can often be driven by high emotions, hostility, and contention, so it is important to know and understand the complex laws that guide the legal proceedings. The Healy Law Firm, Trial Lawyers of Toccoa, GA, offer expert experience in family law to protect your rights and provide invaluable assistance throughout your custody situation.

legal custodyFrom the moment you and your spouse file for divorce, child custody and support and alimony become critical—and often combative—issues. Physical and legal custody are common terminology in family law; however, they are often confused. It is important that both parents involved understand the meaning of legal custody, as well as the differences and rights among the different types.

While physical custody determines where the child lives on a day-to-day basis, legal custody involves a parent’s rights to make major decisions regarding the child’s life. These include decisions about education, including extracurricular activities and academic tutoring. Other choices might include cultural or religious beliefs and matters involving counseling and health care—particularly when a child has pertinent conditions.

The courts consider the best interests of the child when determining legal custody, and states will award either joint or sole legal based on these interests. In joint legal custody, both parents equally share all major decision-making rights, while sole grants these rights to one parent.

The Healy Law Firm, Trial Lawyers in Toccoa will work to fairly resolve your family law dispute with the utmost discretion and professionalism for the best possible outcome. They’ll ensure you receive the help you need from a lawyer who cares about your legal issues. You can schedule your free initial child custody consultation by contacting the experienced attorneys today at (706) 886-0200 or visiting their website

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