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4 Benefits of Auto Collision Repair Immediately After an Accident May 18, 2017

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4 Benefits of Auto Collision Repair Immediately After an Accident, Wahiawa, Hawaii

After getting into an auto collision, you might wonder whether immediate repair is necessary, especially if the damage is minor. But just because it looks small doesn’t mean the damage hasn’t affected other components or that it can’t get worse. The staff at Kilani Fender in Wahiawa, HI, says that holding off repairs can have severe repercussions. They specialize in auto collision services including dent repair, car frame work, refinishing and more.

Benefits of Immediate Repair After an Auto Collision

1. Improves Safety

While it may appear to be only a dent, there might be internal damage that can result in a malfunction later. Mechanics can check and repair parts that may have been affected by the impact. Bring it to a collision repair shop for a professional inspection that will ensure the damage gets fixed and your car stays roadworthy.

2. Prevents Complications With Your Insurance

auto collisionPart of a collision insurance policy is to get repairs as soon as possible to keep your coverage. If you don’t file a claim for collision repair early, your insurance company may dispute the shop’s estimate and reimburse less than what you spent.

3. Maintains the Value of Your Vehicle

A damaged vehicle will have a significantly lower resale value if you choose not to have it repaired. Unresolved problems that stem from the collision will cause the value to drop even more. Have your car repaired right after an accident to keep damage from worsening.  

4. Gets You Back on the Road Sooner

A car is an invaluable tool for most owners. Having it out of commission can make commuting to work, school or an important event more complicated that it would otherwise be. The sooner you get your car fixed, the sooner you can return to efficient travel.

Whether it’s a fender bender, a head-on collision with another vehicle or an angle or side impact, it’s important to contact a local repair shop right away. Let the experts at Kilani Fender take care of your auto collision repair needs. Call (808) 621-4888 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment. Visit their website for more information.

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