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3 Tips to Help You Select the Right Golf Balls for Your Game May 12, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
3 Tips to Help You Select the Right Golf Balls for Your Game, Ewa, Hawaii

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned professional, you know that having the right golf balls can make all the difference in the quality of your game. The staff at Royal Kunia Country Club in Waipahu, HI, has compiled a few tips to help you pick the perfect ball for your next tee time.

Consider Your Swing Speed

Golf balls are designed to accommodate different types of players, but some will work better for your swing than others. If you have a fast swing, you’ll want to select a ball with a lower compression rating. Golfers with faster or stronger swings can benefit from balls with ratings over 100. Compression ratings indicate how much spring you’ll get when you hit the ball and choosing the right number for your swing will improve your drives and your accuracy.

Don’t Fall for Budget Options

Golf ballsWith golf equipment, you really do get what you pay for. Rather than selecting the lowest price ball, opt for brands you recognize. Titleist™, TaylorMade™, and Callaway™ all offer a range of balls designed to last and play well throughout your golf bag. Off-name or budget brands are often lower quality and won’t give you the same performance throughout your game.

Think About the Composition

Most golf balls can be classified into two main compositions: 2-piece and multi-layer. 2-piece balls are best for golfers looking to increase their distance and are generally the most popular. Multi-layer balls are made of three, four, or five layers surrounding an inner core. These balls are best for golfers looking to improve accuracy and are best suited to more experienced or professional golfers.

If you’re confused about what ball is best suited to your playing style, ask for help at Royal Kunia Country Club’s golf shop. Their staff is familiar with the different types of golf balls available and can help you find the right ball for your game. Learn more about their golf shop online and call (808) 688-9222 to ask about their current inventory.

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