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3 Reasons You May Need a Foot Massage May 18, 2017

Waikiki, Honolulu
3 Reasons You May Need a Foot Massage , Honolulu, Hawaii

After a long day of walking or standing around, a foot massage feels amazing. However, a professional foot massage offers much more than relief and relaxation alone. Just like your shoulders, back, and neck, regular foot massages provide a plethora of benefits for your overall health and total-body wellness. At Holistic Garden in Honolulu, HI, their experienced practitioners offer revitalizing foot massages that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

Why You Should Consider Treating Your Feet

1. Improve Circulation 

foot massageWhether you’re lounging around at home or typing away at work, sitting down for long periods can impair circulation, which leads to numbness, pain, and even more serious long-term complications. Massage stimulates the nerves in your feet, promoting the flow of blood in the lower extremities. Since diabetes can exacerbate poor circulation, those with this condition will reap considerable rewards from regular massages. 

2. Prevent Foot & Ankle Injuries

From ankle sprains to tendonitis, there’s a host of issues that may affect your feet. If you’re an athlete, the risks are even higher. Luckily, a weekly foot massage can minimize the risk of injuries by strengthening your foot muscles and improving flexibility.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

The audible remarks many people release while receiving a massage are a clear sign of its stress-relieving advantages. After this treatment, you may feel lighter, less anxious, and, studies suggest, less depressed. Foot massages are also known to lower blood pressure, which offers undeniable health benefits.

If you would like to experience the relaxing, pain-relieving, stress-reducing effects of foot massage for yourself, head to Honolulu’s top reflexology center. In addition to foot massage, Holistic Garden offers Swedish massages and other varieties designed to help you live well. To schedule an appointment for an affordable treatment, call today at (808) 938-5718. To learn more about the center, visit the website

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