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Auto Body Shop Insight: 3 Benefits of Water-Based Car Paint May 17, 2017

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Auto Body Shop Insight: 3 Benefits of Water-Based Car Paint, Texarkana, Texas

Whether you’re looking to hide a scratch or enjoy a fresh look, when your car needs a paint job, you might not give a second thought about the type of paint your auto body shop uses. However, whether the shop uses water- or solvent-based paint has several key ramifications.

In Texarkana, TX, Kemp Bros Body Shop makes a point to use water-based car paint. Here, their experts list three of the advantages that accompany their choice:

  • auto body shopWater-Based Paint Is Much Better for the Environment: Ozone-producing elements in solvent-based auto paint tend to linger long after the job is complete. These chemicals make it harder for humans to breathe and damage local ecosystems. Fortunately, water-based paint serves as an environmentally conscious alternative that drastically reduces harmful emissions. 
  • You Can Trust That the Auto Body Shop Is Trustworthy: Because of the environmental issues associated with solvent-based paint, the EPA has issued a mandate that auto body shops transition to the more eco-friendly water-based paint. If you work with a shop that carries the water-based option, you can rest assured you’re working with an EPA-compliant company. Since they follow the rules, they’re much less likely to take immoral shortcuts when working on your vehicle. 
  • It Provides a Better Paint Job: From an aesthetic standpoint, water-based paint provides a much more attractive finish. The colors tend to pop more, offering a fresh and vivid look. Since a paint job covers your car’s entire surface area, water-based paint has the potential to transform the appearance of your vehicle. 

The next time you need a paint-related collision repair, go to an auto body shop like Kemp Bros Body Shop that employs water-based paint in every project. You can find out more about their process by calling (903) 794-9776. For additional information about this auto body repair center, visit their website

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