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Cremation Services Experts List 5 Funeral-Appropriate Flowers May 18, 2017

Kailua, Hawaii
Cremation Services Experts List 5 Funeral-Appropriate Flowers, Kailua, Hawaii

Flowers are a part of any funeral service, but when it comes to choosing the right blooms for a deceased loved one, selecting correctly can seem tough. You may not be sure which bouquets are appropriate and how to best honor the spirit of the departed. Cremation Services Of West Hawaii in Kailua Kona is here to clear up the confusion. Here, the cremation services professionals provide insight into flowers that will set the right tone at any funeral or memorial service.

Cremation Services Professionals Discuss 5 Appropriate Funeral Flowers

1. Lillies

cremation servicesThis is a go-to funeral flower. Their white petals suggest innocence and peace. Calla lilies in particular are seen to symbolize fidelity and marriage, making them an excellent choice for a deceased spouse.

2. Roses

Roses are very versatile; depending on their color, they can suit different purposes. Red roses point to passionate love, while pink ones are considered a sign of friendship. White roses suggest purity.

3. Orchids

These blooms are a classic sign of love. Their delicate beauty makes them a welcome addition to any mourning bouquet, whether it’s placed on a casket or by an urn.

4. Carnations

Like roses, carnations can have many different meanings depending on their hue. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude, while white suggests remembrance.

5. Poppies

A vibrant red poppy is a typical symbol of consolation. This flower has also come to be associated with veterans, making it a good pick for a memorial or funeral honoring someone who served.

Finally, remember flowers are supposed to be a personal symbol—so if the deceased was a fan of sunflowers, there is nothing wrong with sending these joyful blooms. If you’re in need of tips, Cremation Services Of West Hawaii in Kailua Kona can help. Visit their website for additional guidance on what to do if a death occurs. To discuss your specific needs, call them directly at (808) 329-4500.

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