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Is It Time for Tree Removal? May 17, 2017

Summerdale, Baldwin
Is It Time for Tree Removal?, Summerdale, Alabama

As a homeowner, having a beautiful landscape is likely high on your priority list. Unfortunately, certain trees can be problematic to your house and yard. That’s where Ultimate Tree Service comes in. Based in Summerdale, AL, these experienced arborists are often asked to evaluate the health of their clients’ plants. The first step in the process is deciding whether tree removal is necessary. 

How to Decide If You Need Tree Removal Services

1. What Is the Condition of Your Tree?

Tree RemovalWhen you call an arborist to evaluate your tree, they’ll first assess its current condition. Removal will be recommended if over half of it shows signs of damage. The trunk is especially important. If there are vertical cracks, dead branch stubs, exposed seams, and wounds showing internal signs of decay, your tree might be approaching the end of its lifespan. To avoid unwanted pests and dangerous falling branches, you’ll want to schedule tree removal immediately. 

2. Are There Hanging Branches?

Where is your tree situated? Falling debris can cause serious property damage. Removal may be required right away if branches hang over your house, driveway, power lines, or fencing. 

3. How Much Space Is Available?

Certain species have large root systems and can grow to massive sizes. If space is limited or the roots will negatively impact your property, home, or an underground septic tank, an arborist will recommend removal. 

If you’re based in the Greater Summerdale, AL, area, and you’re looking for a professional specializing in stump grinding and tree removal, call Ultimate Tree Service today at (251) 965-6241 to schedule an estimate. For more information on their land and lot clearing services, check out their website

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