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Now is a great time of the year to change up your home decor and invest in new furniture. Visit Crate and Barrel, the number one furniture store in Downtown providence, Rhode Island and spruce up your home furnishings.

Shop for Furniture With Ease Thanks to Crate & Barrel Mood Boards May 9, 2017

Downtown Providence, Providence
Shop for Furniture With Ease Thanks to Crate & Barrel Mood Boards, Providence, Rhode Island

It’s a common problem when shopping for furniture online: you see a few different furniture pieces you love, but you’re not sure if they’re cohesive. You may open a different windows, trying to see each piece side by side, but that just clutters your screen. Plus, if you accidentally close a tab, then you have to dig through your history to find that exact item again.

If this situation has ever happened to you, Crate & Barrel has some good news. The furniture store recently launched a new mood board tool that makes online shopping a breeze.

Introducing C&B’s New Mood Board Feature

furnitureUsing this revolutionary tool is easy. Simply scroll through Crate & Barrel’s website. Once you find a piece of furniture or home decor you love, click the heart icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Then, the site will prompt you to add the item to a list. The store’s interior design specialists suggest making a different list for each room in the house. After you’ve amassed 10 to 12, you can create a mood board, complete with high-resolution photos of each item that you can personally arrange on the page. This valuable feature not only allows you to visualize a project, but it also lets you create multiple versions of the same room, so you can furniture shop with confidence. 

Create Your Own at Crate & Barrel Online!

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing! Visit Crate & Barrel online today to try out this unique feature for yourself.

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