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3 Pain Management Techniques That Don't Use Medication May 15, 2017

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3 Pain Management Techniques That Don't Use Medication, Addison, West Virginia

When you’re in physical pain, you just want relief. Your first instinct may be to reach for an over-the-counter option, like ibuprofen, or ask your doctor for a prescription. However, not everyone responds well to strong painkillers. Medicine and pills are temporary fixes that only mask your pain. The physical therapists at Webster County Memorial Hospital, a health care clinic in Webster Springs, WV, focus on pain management methods that don’t rely on medication.

Here are three drug-free pain management solutions: 

  • Massage: If your pain is isolated to a specific area of the body, massage therapy is an ideal place to start. There are many types of massage, so speak with a therapist to pinpoint what works best for your body. Deep tissue—which targets the deepest layers of your muscles—can provide pain relief over time. Regular massage relaxes the body, which may help ease chronic pain. 

  • Phypain-managment-healthcaresical Therapy: This type of pain management focuses on movement. A physical therapist uses gentle stretching exercises in combination with strength training to alleviate pain. These movements, combined with a safe and effective exercise plan, help treat the underlying problem. A recent study on patients with neck pain found physical therapy exercises performed at home were more effective than medication.    

  • Mental Medicine: Anxiety, stress, and depression all contribute to chronic pain. How? Your body has a physical response to your emotional state. Certain treatments, like cognitive-behavioral therapy, can teach you how to manage difficult thoughts, emotions, and your body’s physical response to them.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain and searching for pain management solutions, contact the experts at Webster County Memorial Hospital. This health care clinic offers a wide range of services under one roof, including cardio-pulmonary care and addiction recovery. To make an appointment, call (304) 847-5682. To find out more about the hospital and the health care services offered here, visit their website.


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