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3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney May 17, 2017

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3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney, New Kensington, Pennsylvania

A divorce usually comes with considerable stress and a lot of unanswered questions. Fortunately, a divorce attorney can help you in both of these matters. When meeting with your lawyer, asking the right questions will help you make solid decisions for your family and future, as well as for your peace of mind. Below are three important questions to ask your divorce attorney.

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Attorney

1. How Does the Divorce Process Work?

Your lawyer should inform you about how the legal process of divorce works in your state. This discussion should also include a rough idea of how long it could take. Having an idea of how the law works and the necessary time commitments will help you better manage your schedule and resources as you move forward through your divorce.

2. How Will Child Custody Issues Be Determined?

divorce attorneyIf you have children, they are likely your priority during the upheavals a split can bring. Ask your divorce attorney any and all child custody-related questions that come to mind. Specifically, focus on what you need to do to win custody. Your lawyer will identify the factors the courts look at when making decisions, and you can start preparing to make a strong case on your behalf.

3. What Will My Divorce Cost?

You have a right to understand your financial obligations relating to your divorce. Your lawyer should give you details on how much and how often they charge and what your court-related costs could be. This information should give you a general ballpark figure so you can budget yourself accordingly.


The divorce attorneys of Bitar & Bitar, LLP in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, serve clients throughout the state. Call (724) 339-1025, visit them online, or connect with them on Facebook to schedule your free legal advice/consultation today. By knowing the right questions to ask your lawyer, you will be prepared to meet the challenges of divorce.

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