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SERVPRO's St. Augustine location gets 5 Star Yelp Review. May 8, 2017

St. Augustine, St. Johns
SERVPRO's St. Augustine location gets 5 Star Yelp Review., St. Augustine, Florida

We cannot express how grateful we are for a customer who decided to leave us a great Yelp review! It surely reaffirms our belief in treating each job as equality important. Whether it is a small cleaning or a large restoration project – we put the customer experience first. 

I spent the morning calling and trying to find Professional Carpet Cleaners and even had Xtreme Carpet & Upholstery Care come to give me an estimate. I had called them based on an ad in the CouponMint that read: 8 rooms + Hall for $70. My estimate was $245 and another for $345. The young man that came told me and I quote, " the first service won't even look good."

This boy needs to be retrained in how to positively position his services. Why sell me something that won't look good? (Eye Roll) 
He further explained that my costs were because someone had cleaned it with a cheap cleaner and left soap. Nope- try again young man- my home is owned by Invitation Homes, they require professional services EVERY move out. The carpet is a tan short shag- shag none the less. However, it mushes down fairly quickly and can easily be fluffed when vacuuming. It is NOT matted, it is not sticky and it is NOT stained. Tsk tsk. 

But I say all of this to say- I can't comment on the job that Servpro does- but I can say that David was a straight talking honest guy. I like that. I'm from Southwest Virginia and I'm country as cornbread. Honesty goes a LONG way to a satisfied customer. 

When I called Servpro- the gentleman that answered the call was David. I said "David, you sound busy,are you out in the field?" "Yes ma'am", he replied, "Can I call you right back, so I have better reception?" Which he promptly did within 2 mins. I asked him to give me straight talk on carpet cleaning costs. He spoke to me honestly and frankly saying, yes, the ads in the CouponMint are meant to bring cleaners to your home and up sale you. Based on your size home and amount of rooms you can expect to pay $50 a room, barring any extreme stains. Well well...who knew there were still honest people in the world. David then apologized for other companies and offered me a discount for calling since I hadn't planned on paying such high rates. The discount isn't much lower than my lowest cost from Xtreme. But- David can have my business any day over someone blowing smoke up my backside. Thanks David for the honesty and integrity!! 

I can't promise that ultimately I'll hire David- but it's not for lack of want, just lack of funds at present. 


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