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How Roof Coating Can Cool Down Your House & Lower Your Energy Bill May 18, 2017

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
How Roof Coating Can Cool Down Your House & Lower Your Energy Bill, Ewa, Hawaii

Summers in Oahu can be brutal, with temperatures soaring into the 90s for extended periods, and sometimes hitting triple digits. As Hawaiians know, this can mean air conditioning bills in the hundreds every month, from June through September. Fortunately, On Top Roofing, based in Mililani and serving all of Oahu, is here to spread the word about roof coating, an emerging technology that can reduce the amount of heat your house absorbs, making it cooler for everyone inside.

Here's a primer on the money and energy-saving technology from the team at On Top Roofing: 

  • roof contractorPolymer Technology: The heat-reducing roof coatings use a material called coated polymer stack, a mixture of polyesters and a layer of silver that can be applied to the top of your roof. The coated polymer stack both absorbs less sunlight and keeps your roof at a temperature lower than the surrounding air. 
  • High Performance: In the past, people have used white and green roofs to beat the summer heat. While these colors absorb less sunlight than darker ones, roof coatings with coated polymer stacks have been shown to keep a roof's surface up to 11 degrees colder than regular white roofs. 
  • Lower Energy Consumption: Roof coatings are not only desirable because of how they can lower your air conditioning bill and keep you and your family cool summer long. They also ensure that you use less energy throughout the year, shrinking your carbon footprint. 

Polymer stack roof coatings are a great way to cool down during summer heat waves while also saving on utility costs. On Top Roofing will not only apply the best, most durable roof coating available, but the expert roof contractors also specialize in roof maintenance and installation. Visit their website to learn more about their roof restoration services and call (808) 688-7407. 


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