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5 Signs You Need New Driveway Paving May 18, 2017

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5 Signs You Need New Driveway Paving, Anchorage, Alaska

From work and school to grocery shopping, your driveway sees a lot of action throughout the day. As the driveway paving team at GMG General in Anchorage, AK, notes, over time, even the best surface will need to be repaired. So how can you tell it’s time to resurface your driveway? Here are a few key signs.

Driveway Paving Experts List 5 Signs You Need Resurfacing

1. Potholes

driveway pavingOne of the most apparent signs your driveway needs resurfacing is the appearance of multiple potholes in the concrete or asphalt. These flaws could easily puncture a tire or trip a playing child. Resurfacing will help you avoid these and other issues.

2. Extreme Cracks

While not as visually alarming as a pothole, you should also be on the lookout for deep or lengthy cracks in your driveway. These weaken your driveway’s structural integrity while also increasing the risk of pothole development and other repair-worthy issues. The sooner you resurface your driveway, the harder it will be for cracks to get out of hand.

3. Erosion

Over time, it’s not unusual for the edges of your driveway to chip or erode away. Unfortunately, this can weaken your driveway and become a slip and fall hazard. As with cracks, driveway erosion will lead to more severe damage if left unaddressed.

4. Poor Drainage

Quite often, the appearance of potholes and large cracks is the result of poor drainage along your driveway surface. New driveway paving can prevent these maintenance problems by improving the drainage process.

5. Low Curb Appeal

Fading from excessive sunlight, minor cracks, stains, and other visual blemishes may not pose a structural problem, but they can greatly reduce your home’s curb appeal. Resurfacing is the surest way to eliminate these issues.

From driveway paving to road patching, the team at GMG General can help with a broad range of surfacing needs. To learn more about their services—or to request a free estimate for your project—visit them online or call (907) 349-7854.

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