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Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney: How to Avoid Hunting Violations in Alaska May 18, 2017

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Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney: How to Avoid Hunting Violations in Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is one of the world’s premier hunting destinations. However, for many outdoorsmen, hunting season is accompanied by the risk of hefty fines. Many regulations aim to protect local wildlife, so the legal team at Gazewood & Weiner PC in Anchorage, AK, recommends familiarizing yourself with the laws of the land. While most offenses only come with fines, more severe crimes may require a criminal defense attorney, so it pays to play by the rules.

If you’re an avid hunter, follow these tips to avoid violations:

  • Be Responsible for Yourself: While you may have good intentions, it’s imperative to keep your belongings to yourself. Never let someone make a kill with your gun or use your gear to hunt. Any rules they break could leave you responsible. It’s also important to avoid illegal group activity, such as unregulated herd hunting, hunting on restricted property, or illegal hunting tactics.
  • criminal defense attorneyLearn About What You’re Hunting: The majority of fish and game violations are specific to the animals themselves. Every wildlife category comes with different requirements, including the type of shot used and how many animals of each gender you can kill. Hunting permits often come with state rules, so take pains to follow them exactly. Bending the rules for a trophy kill won’t pay off if you need a criminal defense attorney to redeem it.
  • Learn About Where You’re Hunting: Alaska’s sprawling terrain has a wide variety of features, and there’s a rule for each. Most areas don’t allow hunting from a moving vehicle, and many have restrictions related to state residency and use of a guide. Discharging your gun in certain areas—such as near a highway—can lead to serious charges that require the help of a criminal defense attorney. Before you head out, learn the rules that relate to your location—they’re designed for the animals’ safety as well as yours.

Whether you’re facing charges due to hunting violations or just need legal assistance, contact a criminal defense attorney at Gazewood & Weiner PC. Their experienced team will guide you through every phase of your case to achieve a positive outcome. Call (907) 375-7905 to schedule a consultation and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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