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Car Detailing 101: How to Clean Your Auto Glass May 16, 2017

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Car Detailing 101: How to Clean Your Auto Glass, Evergreen, Montana

It doesn’t matter whether you own a classic sedan or one of today’s leading sports coupes: Keeping your car clean will improve its appearance and help it retain its resale value. Because of this, the auto detailing professionals from Bumper To Bumper Detailing in Kalispell, MT, specialize in affordable, full-service detailing solutions. Here, they explain the best ways to clean your windows and windshield in between appointments. 

Here’s how the auto detailing professionals ensure the glass on their own cars shines:

  • Wipe in Different Directions: When cleaning your windows, streaks can develop that’ll need to be wiped down again afterwards. However, unless you wash the inside part of your vehicle’s window in a different direction than the outside, you won’t know exactly where to wipe. For this reason, Bumper To Bumper Detailing recommends wiping horizontally on one side and vertically on the other. 
  • Clean Out of the Sunlight: Many people think when it comes to washing their car, it’s always best to do so out in the sun. However, when cleaning the windows, the sun’s rays will cause the solution you use to dry too rapidly, creating streaks. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to clean your windows in the garage or another shaded area. 
  • auto detailingTake Care With Tinted Windows: Vehicles with tinted windows, require a bit more auto detailing expertise than those with regular windows. To keep your film in good condition, Bumper To Bumper Detailing recommends using only cleaning products designed specifically for tinted windows. 
  • Always Clean Windows Last: If you do your own auto detailing from time to time, always clean your car’s windows last; doing so will ensure no dirt or debris settles on your freshly cleaned glass during the detailing process. 
  • Check Your Wipers: There are few things as frustrating as spending an hour cleaning your windows only to have them dirtied the next time you use your wipers. As such, Bumper To Bumper Detailing suggests cleaning and inspecting your wipers as part of your regular window cleaning process. 

For those who want to keep their car in great shape inside and out, contact the professionals from Bumper To Bumper Detailing today at (406) 752-­3623. In addition to their auto detailing services, they also offer specialized engine detailing. Visit them online to learn more.

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