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Stump Removal Experts Share 3 Ways to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Yard May 15, 2017

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Stump Removal Experts Share 3 Ways to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Yard, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you recently had a tree cut down in your yard, you’re probably wondering what to do about the tree stump. Apart from taking up space and attracting insects, tree stumps are a hazard—especially if you have small children running around your yard. But before you panic, there are a variety of ways to remove the stump before it causes any problems. Serving residents throughout Honolulu, HI, the landscaping professionals at Sherwood’s Tree Service provide high-quality and efficient tree and stump removal services to help you keep your yard in top condition.

Below, the stump removal professionals share a few ways to remove a tree stump from your yard:

  • Dig Out the Stump: One way to remove a tree stump is to dig it out. Use a shovel to dig around the stump until you’ve exposed all of its roots. You can then use an axe to cut up the roots, and then a garden hoe to pull them all out. After most of the roots have been removed, you should be able to use a shovel to dig out the stump.
  • stump removalGrind the Stump: A stump grinder machine will grind the stump and the roots down so it can be easily removed from the ground. If you would rather not rent or operate this machine, hire a stump removal professional to do the work for you.
  • Burn the Stump: Building a wood fire over the stump will burn it down to ashes, so you can shovel it up and then fill the hole. Before choosing to burn the stump in your yard, check local restrictions in the area to make sure its legal.

For trustworthy and affordable tree and stump removal services, you can count on the skilled professionals at Sherwood’s Tree Service to get the job done. Call (808) 537-9705 to speak with a representative, or visit their website for more information about their tree maintenance services. 

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