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What Are the Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain? May 12, 2017

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain?, Fishersville, Virginia

Researchers estimate that up to eight out of 10 Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, according to the American Chiropractic Association. If you are suffering from chronic or acute back pain, and you want to treat the underlying cause instead of merely treating the symptoms, turn to Augusta/Waynesboro Chiropractic Center in Virginia for quality care. Below, a leading chiropractor from their team shares how they treat some of the most common causes of lower back pain.

3 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

1. Strains & Sprains

An injury is one of the most common causes of acute back pain. You can sustain a back injury by overexerting yourself, lifting heavy objects, or getting into a car accident. If your pain is caused by such an injury, a chiropractor can perform gentle spinal adjustments that will both relieve pain and facilitate healing by reducing inflammation in the surrounding tissue.

2. Lifestyle Habitslower back pain

If you are carrying around excess weight, it can put stress on the discs in your spine, resulting in chronic back pain. Leading a sedentary lifestyle or working a desk job all day can also cause back pain over time. If your lifestyle habits are the cause of any back pain, a chiropractor will show you ways to improve your posture, as well as various exercises you can do to strengthen your spine and reduce the stress you put on it on a daily basis.

3. Medical Conditions

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or an inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain may be one of your symptoms. Regular spinal adjustments can provide immediate relief and contribute to a healthy core, which will promote a healthy body.

If you suffer from back, neck, or shoulder pain, and you want relief, turn to Augusta/Waynesboro Chiropractic Center in Virginia. Visit their website to learn more about the different stages of treatment for lower back pain, and call (540) 943-1434 to make an appointment today. 

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