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5 Ways to Boost Corporate Team Morale in an Escape Room May 12, 2017

Progress Park, Southwest Arapahoe
5 Ways to Boost Corporate Team Morale in an Escape Room, Southwest Arapahoe, Colorado

Managers know that the path to success depends largely on team morale. When people work well together, their productivity is boosted, and they achieve more effective results. If you recognize that your corporate team could use some motivation, it’s important to focus on communication and collaboration. At Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms in Littleton, CO, professionals have a chance to bond in an escape room while playing tricky clue and puzzle games.

It’s this combination of levity and teamwork that leads to great results in the workplace, and that’s something all leaders appreciate. Here are five benefits of hosting team-building activities in an escape room setting:

  • Communication: Just as it can be difficult to solve a clue game on your own, it’s also challenging to complete a work project without constant communication with your fellow employees. Escape room scenarios encourage constant back-and-forth with teammates, whether it’s exchanging clues or figuring out the best way to escape together.
  • Leadership: Most groups have at least one or two “leaders” who the others turn to for guidance and support. That role is especially necessary in an escape room, when everyone works together to reach a mutual goal. Establishing that sort of trust is equally helpful in the workplace, where developing helpful bonds makes it easier to deal with professional conflicts.
  • Littleton, CO escape roomCreativity: There’s no room for simplicity in a complex escape room. By creatively strategizing and developing unique ideas that can help lead everyone out, you’ll flex your mental muscles to the limit. That’s an especially valuable trait to bring to the workplace, where unparalleled ideas can lead to impressive results.
  • Teamwork: Nothing truly builds corporate team morale better than working together to reach a common goal. Working with and listening to one another shows your ability to share the workload, rely on others, and trust that your teammates will help get the job done.
  • Achievement: Can you escape? Oh, yes, you can—thanks in large part to your ability to work so well with your group. It’s no small feat to tackle a tricky clue game, but it’s a well-deserved success that you can take great pride in with your fellow teammates.

While there are many different types of team-building activities, few are as entertaining as partaking in escape games with colleagues. It really helps to see coworkers in a different setting—and often, that is all that’s needed to see a change in the workplace. Visit the Rocky Mountain Escape Rooms website to learn more about this exciting activity, or call (303) 824-9201.

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