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Home Cleaning Advice: 3 Tips to Safely Wash Children's Toys May 17, 2017

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Home Cleaning Advice: 3 Tips to Safely Wash Children's Toys, Lincoln, Nebraska

Young children love to put toys in their mouths, which is why you should take extra care when washing their possessions. When people in Lincoln, NE, need advice on how to safely clean toys, they turn to Hire A Maid for help. The staff at this home cleaning company knows the best ways to remove gunk, smudges, and stains from any surface. 

Below, the team at Lincoln’s leading home cleaning service shares three tips to safely wash your children’s toys:

  • Lincoln-Nebraska-home-cleaningRead the Labels: Although most plush toys can take a spin in the washing machine, some might require special care. To prevent your child’s favorite toy from becoming worn or frayed in the wash, read the instruction label sewn into the seams.
  • Utilize the Rinse Cycle: If you don’t have time to wash toys by hand, let the dishwasher do it for you. The water and detergent will give the toys a thorough scrub to remove mud, food, and bacteria. Use the rinse cycle to remove any leftover detergent from the toys—this will eliminate the risk of chemical residue getting into your child’s mouth.
  • Use Bleach Sparingly: Although bleach is an effective cleaning agent, be careful when using the powerful chemical on children’s toys. If you wash items in the sink, use a half cup of bleach for every gallon of water. This dilutes the substance enough that headache-causing odors won’t be left on the toys. After washing, let them dry on a clothesline.   

If you need commercial or residential cleaning services or product advice in the Lincoln area, the team at Hire A Maid has the experience and equipment to make your space spotless. Call them at (402) 560-1904 to schedule an appointment for a housekeeper or janitorial services today. Visit the home cleaning company online to discover the many ways they will improve the appearance and functionality of your property, and like them on Facebook for news and announcements. 

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