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Your Guide to the Well Drilling Process May 19, 2017

Chiloquin, Klamath
Your Guide to the Well Drilling Process, Chiloquin, Oregon

Well drilling is an excavation technique used to extract natural resources, like gas, petroleum, and water, from the earth. In most residential settings, the method is used for water pump installation, irrigation, and to obtain natural energy for heating and cooling. 

Although you should always hire trained professionals for well drilling, it is still helpful to understand the process. This information can help you with water well maintenance in the future. 

The Basics of Water Well Drilling

How Long Does It Take to Find Water? 

The geological formations underground typically determine how long it will take to locate water on your property. Your well drilling technician will begin the process by researching your area. They will review the recorded well logs in the neighborhood to get a better idea of the depth they need to meet, obstacles that might get in the way, and which construction techniques they should use for the job. 

well drilling Sprague River ORWhat Equipment Is Needed?

A well drilling team requires several pieces of heavy-duty gear to locate and access resources below the earth’s surface. Next, a rotary tool or auger is used to bore into the ground until it reaches the aquifer. A casing is lowered into the hole to seal the well from contaminants and channel groundwater to the water pump.

How Does the Well Drilling Process Benefit You?

Well drilling experts can control many factors that influence the quality of your water supply. They have the knowledge and experience to determine the best place for a well on your property, so your family has reliable access to running water. Many companies also provide testing and treatment services to ensure the groundwater is safe for your family to use and consume.


When you need help accessing water on your property, the well drilling experts at Fry Industries in Sprague River, OR, can provide reliable installation, maintenance, and repair services. Give the team a call at (541) 533-2509 or visit them online to discover the many ways they will address your water well needs.

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