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5 Tips to Make Moving Electronic Devices Easy & Damage-Free May 19, 2017

5 Tips to Make Moving Electronic Devices Easy & Damage-Free, Middletown, New York

Your goal when you’re moving is to get all your belongings to your new home safely, especially your TV, computer, and other electronic items that could be damaged easily. TNT Movers, serving West Haverstraw and Monroe, NY, can pack your belongings carefully to help you avoid a mishap, and they say there are things to keep in mind if you’re transporting your electronics on your own.

5 Tips for Moving Electronic Devices

Know Where the Cables Go

Even if you have a simple setup, you want to ensure you can reassemble your electronics at your new home. Before you unplug cables and remove components, take a picture of how they are arranged so you can use it for reference.

Use the Right Box

Moving Monroe West Haverstraw NYIf possible, use the original box and packaging materials for your electronics when you’re moving. That packaging was designed to keep the device safe when it was shipped from the factory, and it will do the same job in a moving truck. If you don’t have the original box, use one with enough room for plenty of padding but small enough to keep electronic items from shifting while in transit.

Back up Your Data

When you’re moving a computer, back up your files before you hit the road. This is especially important for a large desktop computer but also applies to a laptop because bumps in the road or shifting boxes can damage fragile components.

Remove Ink Cartridges

If you’re packing a printer, remove ink cartridges first. If you leave them installed, you risk an ink spill or damage to the device's internal components. Seal the cartridges in a plastic bag and pack them in the same box as the printer.

Hire a Pro

When in doubt, hire a professional packing service to box up your electronics and everything else in your home. The team at TNT Movers knows the best way to keep your belongings safe, whether you’re planning a long-distance relocation or move across town.

If you’re planning a move to a new home in New York’s Orange or Rockland counties, contact TNT Movers. This skilled moving company will let you avoid a lot of work and stress. Visit them online to learn more about their residential movers and check their Facebook page for customer reviews. To discuss your job and request an estimate, call (845) 978-3097.

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