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Whether you’re a Do-it Yourselfer remodeling your existing home, or a Contractor building a new home, Barton’s of Pochahontas, AR speaks your language. Since 1885, Barton's Lumber has been providing customers expert service and support throughout their entire project. This is a full service home improvement store providing premium quality products to professional contractors and do-it yourselfers and has everything from lumber, roofing, siding, and paint to kitchens, baths, flooring, doors and windows. You’ll find everything you need to build, repair, or remodel at Barton’s of Pochahontas, AR.

4 Easy Kitchen Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Tiny Kitchen May 19, 2017

Pocahontas, Randolph
4 Easy Kitchen Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Tiny Kitchen, Pocahontas, Arkansas

Too many homeowners think their tiny kitchens are good for nothing more than reheating takeout. Your kitchen might be small, but with creativity and the right kitchen design, it’s possible to make a few square feet stretch in ways you never would have thought possible. With several locations, Barton’s is a home improvement service that can help anyone.

The experienced staff handles everything from plumbing to kitchen cabinets. If you’re tired of bumping elbows in your small kitchen, they have a few ideas.

4 Tiny Kitchen Designs to Maximize Space

A Rolling Island

A small cart with wheels is your solution to those times when you simply need more counter space. It’s small and easy to move, but the extra square foot or two will be a meal-saver when you’re in the middle of cooking and run out of space. When you’re finished with it, simply roll it out of the way.

Install a Pot Rack

kitchen designIt doesn’t matter whether you install your rack on the wall or the ceiling. Wherever you put your pots, it should be out of the kitchen cabinets where they take up valuable storage space. Pot racks come in all kinds of styles to make your kitchen design as trendy as it is functional.

Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinets

When installing new kitchen cabinets, think about all of the unused space you could take advantage of; corner cabinets are an example. Traditionally, the corners are either left empty, or they’re so inconvenient you can barely use them. But if you install a lazy Susan, you automatically earn more storage space.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Every inch of your wall without a cabinet attached to it can be used for storage. Install shelves or hooks, and start unloading your cabinets. You can hang measuring cups or display your dinnerware. Every extra inch of space helps.

These tips will help you realize your tiny kitchen is full of potential, but for bigger space solutions, you’ll need help from the right team of home improvement experts. Call Barton’s at (870) 932-6675 to start planning your new and improved kitchen design. You’ll also find inspiration for your next home improvement project on the Facebook page.

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